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With an almost endless choice of tiles it can be difficult to know where to start. Which ever tile you decide on you can rest assured that it will be properly fitted to stand the test of time.

At D. Want Plumbing we use the following tile types: ceramic, porcelain, mosaic and natural stone i.e. travetine, slate and marble. We also fit natural wood (hard and soft), amtico, laminate, vinyl and lino flooring.

To help you with your descision we've outlines some of the properties of each tile type.

Ceramic: Ceramic tiles are moisture resistant making them an excellent choice for wet areas. They are also durable, fire resistant and hygienic.

Porcelain: Harder and denser than it's ceramic counterpart. It is strong and long lasting making it great for heavy traffic areas. Porcelain tile flooring has low water absorption and are easy to clean.

Travertine: An abundant natural resource with incredible durability. A travertine floor can last over a century given proper care.

Slate: Both waterproof and stain resistant, perfect for kitchens where drips and stains are common. Very heavy-duty, one of the best options for a busy household.

Marble: Few construction materials are as beautiful as marble. There are dozens of different varieties and colours to pick from, marble is a fit for both classical and modern design schemes.